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Below are forms and helpful worksheets for you to complete. These forms are also available in our Tax Dome portal for efficient and secure electronic submission. Email us for a secure portal link, if you don't have one, and then look under the Organizer tab. Please note some forms are REQUIRED and some are optional. ALL required forms need to be completed prior to any scheduled appointments or completed to be included with documents dropped off at the office. For any work or processing to begin on your behalf by Baer Tax Group, ALL required information sheet, packets or documents must be completed and signed.

Tip for those who are emailing information: Please use a secure file transmission or request access to our secure Client Portal for uploading sensitive documents. Email requesting "Client Portal" in the subject line.

If we prepared your tax return last year,we can send you a customized checklist based on the past return information to help you organize your supporting documents. Email requesting "Checklist" in the subject of the email. Or call 518-822-1673 to request one by postal mail.

Annual Packets for Tax Return Preparation

Worksheets & Information for Tax Preparation

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