Appointments & Policies



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Our Process

Baer Tax Group (BTG) are professionals and keep any information confidential and you are held in the highest regard. BTG asks the same in return. BTG only takes a limited number of clients and our goal is for the relationship to be mutually beneficial and pleasant.

It generally takes 2-3 weeks from the time ALL of your information is received in full to complete your return. Returns are not processed while you wait. It is very important be sure you have everything submitted for your tax preparation, refer to our check lists to be sure your information submitted is complete.

Phone calls and appointments are scheduled from our website, but information can be dropped off anytime, we have a secure outside drop box for after hours.

For personal returns, complete information is required in our office by March 20 to file by April 15 deadline. Returns that get placed on extension require complete information by September 10 to file by October 15 deadline, there are no further extensions beyond this date.

For business or organization returns please see the filing dates on our main page and email the office for addtional informaiton or questions.


Tax preparation fees are based on the complexity of the return and vary from client to client. The fee covers your tax preparation and your appointment. If during the year you have additional questions or consultation is needed in person or by email that time is billed at current hourly rate. New client engagements please contact our office directly for a quote.

Consulting fees are based on time and can be found in our services list from our Schedule an Appointment link.

Payment is due when your taxes are completed. You will receive an invoice upon completion and 3 days later it will be debited as per the payment form. BTG reserves the right to not process your return electronically until payment has been cleared.

The tax return fee covers the preparation of your tax return, it does not cover additional consulting/planning after the preparation, assistance with notices or contacting our office for a refund status. Instructions are given on how to check on refunds are on your instruction sheet. Refund processing can take time so please check with the IRS or State agency on your refund as per the instructions. BTG charges $25 fee to check your refund status.

Additional tax planning or consulting appointments or assistance with notices are welcome and can be set up from our website or by calling the office. The website has information about consulting fees. Keep copies of your complete tax return, additional copies requested will incur a fee of $25 per year/per copy. Accessing our client portal on the BTG website will allow you access to your tax return copies anytime for no fee.

Client Information & Conduct

BTG does not audit the information you provide. Baer Tax Group, Inc will not prepare a return that has inaccurate income or expenses or is considered misstated in any way. There are strict guidelines for preparers and licensed CPA’s and we must adhere to those guidelines and not jeopardize that license under any circumstance.


If you are an existing client who has had personal taxes prepared by Baer Tax Group in the previous tax season, and we have not heard from you we will automatically file an extension. If we need additonal information/ time to prepare your return we will also file an extension on your behalf. If you are a new client, business client or other organization type in need of an extension, please call or email the office.